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Anja Baumann
Funding/contract controlling
Daniel Bishop
Authorised signatory, head of the transport and digitalisation department
Christopher Beyer
Community fares/cooperations and associations
Nadine Burkhardt
Investment and cooperation funding
Melanie Geese
Budget/HR, funding team leader
Christian Guin
Rail infrastructure, Local Transport Financing Act (GVFG)
Tina Hannawald-Köster
Passenger information systems, IT
Katharina Henkel
Team leader public relations and marketing
Alexandra Konrad
Legal affairs/data protection
Gunter Kronfeld
Vehicles/alternative drives/public transport interface/on-demand bus service/quality and traffic survey
Hartmut Langner
Local rail transport tenders
Monika Mienert
Fare approval/fares and associations
Katharina Pitsch
Contract controlling
Diana Räth
Stefanie Reule
Contract controlling, data protection
May-Brit Sinn
Team leader contract controlling
Heidi Soik
Passenger information systems
Carsten Werfel
Head of the transport planning and contracting department
Oliver Wieghardt
Team Leader Transport Planning, SPNV Timetable
Berthold Witting
Managing Director