Swiftly through the state

The number of annual train kilometres travelled on regional passenger transport has risen continuously in recent years; the use of the service by passengers, however, has remained at an almost consistent level over the same period. VMV is making increased efforts to improve this.

VMV's goal is to get more people onto the railways. To achieve this, rail transport needs to be made even more attractive. We want to develop local public transport into a fully-fledged alternative to private transport in order to counteract the shift of traffic from rail to road even more effectively. This involves including all means of transport and providing an integrated service offer with coordinated timetables and fares.

Important steps in this direction are the transition to competitive tendering that has begun and an increase in line speeds to meet demand, which can be achieved by expanding the rail network.

Planning, organising and financing transport services - this is the mission of VMV. It involves a range of diverse and complex tasks that all have one thing in common: they serve to safeguard regional passenger transport in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.

These include:

Concluding transport contracts
Traffic planning and ordering
Implementation of procurement procedures
Contract controlling and quality management
Interface management
Timetable information
Customer satisfaction analyses
Verification of use and public relations work

Ordered and collected

Contracts with the railway undertakings

The provision of public transport to meet the needs of the population is part of the so-called services of general interest. It is therefore the responsibility of the state to safeguard the provision of public transport. In Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, the state-owned transport company is responsible for providing local rail services.

One of the most important tasks of VMV is therefore to purchase the transport services from the railway undertakings (RUs). Corresponding transport contracts are concluded between the state as purchaser and the RUs as service providers. Responsible tendering and the conclusion of these contracts is one of the most important tasks of VMV.

Scheduling with a signal effect

The best transfer options with the integrated regular-interval timetable

One of the most important goals in the design of public transport is to ensure a high level of mobility for the passenger. The frequent availability of the means of transport across a large area plays a major role in this. In order to ensure sufficient trains and well-coordinated arrival and departure times, the integrated regular-interval timetable was introduced in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and has been continuously improved. This serves as a planning template for the "Deutschlandtakt" (the German regular-interval timetable), which is envisaged by the federal government.

Especially in the "nodes", the interchange stations, the coordination of the timetables of different railway lines and operators is important. Only coherent links will guarantee the best possible transfer options for passengers.

Tender procedures (excluding local rail services)

On this page, VMV provides information about tender procedures not relating to local rail transport services.

No other VMV tender procedures are currently taking place.


Event title: "Public transport stronger after the COVID-19 pandemic?"

On 13 August 2020, VMV - Verkehrsgesellschaft Mecklenburg-Vorpommern mbH invited participants to a specialist event in the congress centre of the "Yachthafenresidenz Hohe Düne" in Rostock-Warnemünde. The focus of the conference was the question of how public transport can come out of the COVID-19 pandemic stronger. In addition to presentations from across the entire spectrum of the industry and a welcoming address by the Minister for Energy, Infrastructure and Digitalisation of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Christian Pegel MdL, participants had the opportunity to participate in a panel discussion in the afternoon. Afterwards, VMV invited all the 99 participants to come together for talks on the sun deck of the congress centre.

Your opinion counts

Have your say on the 2023 Roadmap

The extensive consultation with passengers as part of the preparation of the 2023 annual timetable has come to an end. The draft versions of the 2023 annual timetable are still available for inspection. Please note that the draft versions will not be updated.