Southern Railway seasonal timetable

Southern railway seasonal traffic 2024 

28 March - 1 April and 8 May - 8 September 2024

Experience the enchanting region of the Mecklenburg Lake District with the Südbahn seasonal service! From 8 May 2024, you can explore the landscape of southern Mecklenburg with ease at weekends and throughout the summer holidays in MV. The Südbahn seasonal service connects Parchim, Lübz, Karow and Plau am See as well as Waren (Müritz) and the island town of Malchow.

From the metropolises of Hamburg or Berlin, you can easily reach the southern Mecklenburg region with just one change. The RB15 line runs from Waren (Müritz) via the island town of Malchow, Alt Schwerin and Karow (Meckl) to the idyllic town of Plau am See.

From the west, the RB19 runs from Parchim via stations such as Lübz and Passow to Karow (Meckl), from where it alternates with the RB15 to Plau am See. All trains run on Friday evenings and offer a regular two-hourly service on Saturdays and Sundays. During the summer holidays in MV, the lines run daily. The RB74 takes you from Pritzwalk in the north to Plau am See and runs throughout the entire period at weekends.

Verkehrsgesellschaft Ludwigslust-Parchim mbh (VLP) supplements the rail service with line 77 and the MV call bus. All rail arrivals and departures have a connection to the VLP. The continuous journeys of VLP line 77 and the rail services complement each other perfectly, as they run one hour apart, creating an almost hourly cycle between Parchim and the island town of Malchow.

Take advantage of the Südbahn seasonal services for an unforgettable excursion and discover the many sights and natural beauties of the Mecklenburg Lake District.

Discover the charming region along the route


Parchim is one of the oldest towns in Mecklenburg, with brick buildings worth seeing and interesting half-timbered architecture.

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The charming small town on the Müritz-Elde waterway with a historic town centre and an exciting museum.

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With an extensive nature park - Nossentiner/Schwinzer Heide - Karow is a unique destination for nature lovers.

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Plau by the lake

The picturesque old town with its direct location on the lake is the western gateway to the Mecklenburg Lake District.

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Old Schwerin

The small community in the west of the Mecklenburg Lake District is known for its agricultural history village and open-air museum AGRONEUM.

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Island town of Malchow

The island town in the centre of the Mecklenburg Lake District has a monastery complex worth seeing and a charming old town.

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Timetables for the 2024 season

VMV Suedbahn Saisonverkehr Liniensignet-2-RB15

Waren (Müritz) - island town of Malchow - Karow (Meckl) - Plau am See 

VMV Suedbahn Saisonverkehr Liniensignet-3-RB19

Parchim - Lübz - Karow (Meckl) - Plau am See 

VMV Suedbahn Saisonverkehr Liniensignet-4-77

Parchim - Lübz - Plau am See - Karow - Malchow (regular bus service)

VMV Suedbahn Saisonverkehr Liniensignet-RB74

(Pritzwalk -) Meyenburg (Brandenburg) - Plau am See (only 09 May - 08 September)

Hop on in Malchow, Alt Schwerin and Plau am See and explore the surrounding area along 21 stops.