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Mobility Offensive MV

In spring 2023, Reinhard Meyer, the State Minister for Economic Affairs, Infrastructure, Tourism and Labour, presented the MV mobility offensive. Its aim is to expand local public transport and, in particular, to increase the availability of public mobility in rural areas. "The switch from motorised private transport to buses and trains will only be successful if we offer attractive transport services and socially acceptable and modern digital fare and sales structures," said Meyer.
In addition to the Deutschlandticket introduced this year, three pillars are to support the mobility campaign:

1. expansion of the performance and infrastructure of local rail passenger transport

Pillar 1 of the mobility offensive is the expansion of infrastructure in local rail passenger transport for a high-quality supra-regional transport service. In the medium term, future service expansions are to be offered hourly on all main axes of the state network on weekdays - and at least every second hour on secondary axes. In addition, service times are to be extended, including at weekends and during the season.

2. introduction of a nationwide bus network with high-quality regular-interval services throughout the country

Pillar 2 of the mobility offensive includes the introduction of a state-wide regional bus system with high-quality scheduled services in the area, operated by regional buses MV. The regional bus routes will be introduced state-wide on important transport axes with uniform quality standards. The planned regional bus routes will operate with regular hourly or two-hourly services regardless of school and holiday times. The Regiobus services will be extended, particularly at weekends and outside the traditional peak times. The buses generally run from Monday to Saturday between 5 am and 10 pm and on Sundays and public holidays between 8 am and 8 pm. In addition, the Regiobus routes are linked with rail services to create a close-knit transport network for the whole of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.

3. introduction of a standardised nationwide call bus system for the "last mile"

As Pillar 3 The mobility campaign has developed the concept of a standardised, state-wide on-call bus system to cover the "last mile". The appropriate vehicle and personnel resources must be created in the administrative districts for this. Here too, the responsibility for public transport remains with the districts.

Further information and maps can be found in the following flyer: