Malchow Krebssee" stop officially opened

Press release of the Ministry of Economy, Infrastructure, Tourism and Labour
Jesse: The new stop is another step for the development of local tourism as well as the rural region


Malchow, 07.07.2023 The new stop "Malchow Krebssee" provides local passengers with access to regional rail passenger transport and thus contributes to the enrichment of local tourism.

"The Southern Railway seasonal service and the additional new stop at Krebssee are another step for the development of tourism as well as the rural region. The new stop in the popular tourism region between Malchow and Plau am See leads directly to the doorstep of the attractive excursion destinations 'Summer Toboggan Run' and 'Monkey Forest'. Just in time for this year's summer season, residents and guests can travel by train in a climate and environmentally friendly way and explore the region." State Secretary Jesse further emphasises: "As part of the current tourism concept and the state's southern railway seasonal traffic, Regio Infra Nord-Ost GmbH & Co KG and the state have agreed on a new stop on the RB 15 Inselstadt Malchow - Waren Müritz line. The new stop 'Malchow Krebssee' along the Mecklenburg Lake District is wisely chosen," said Ines Jesse, State Secretary in the Ministry of Economics, Infrastructure, Tourism and Labour of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.

"With the opening of the new stop, we are offering residents of the region as well as tourists easy, low-threshold access to regional rail passenger transport. This will make it even easier for passengers to change trains," says Regio Infra Nord-Ost GmbH (RIN) Managing Director Dr Ralf Böhme. "The design of the stop also breaks new ground in terms of construction technology. An innovative method, used for the first time in Germany, simplified the construction of the stop, protects the environment and makes it easy to move the temporary stop to another location. Our thanks go above all to the state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, as well as the VMV - Verkehrsgesellschaft Mecklenburg-Vorpommern mbH, which provided financial support for the stop," said Dr Ralf Böhme, thanking the project's sponsors.

"It was with great pleasure that we attended the ceremonial opening of the new Malchow Krebssee stop on our RB15 route, which we have been operating on behalf of Verkehrsgesellschaft Mecklenburg-Vorpommern since 2021. An impressive destination in both summer and winter, the region around Krebssee invites visitors to enjoy a wide range of leisure activities and offers opportunities to enjoy unspoilt nature far away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. From now on, passengers can reach the lake comfortably with our line RB15 and the train used. From 17 May 2023 to 10 September 2023, we, the ODEG, will be serving this new stop as part of the seasonal service on the Southern Railway," reports Stefan Neubert, Managing Director of Ostdeutsche Eisenbahn GmbH.

Innovative breakpoint

The innovation of the new Malchow Krebssee stop is that the stop is built entirely on screw foundations. The ground under the stop is not sealed, but remains as it is. Screw foundations were screwed into the ground on site for this purpose, whereby unevenness is compensated for by adjustable heights of the foundations and the use of heavy machinery such as excavators or rollers was avoided. A steel construction rests on the show foundations as a holding point. Normally, breakpoints consist of concrete slabs and metal constructions. This type of construction was not used for this breakpoint in order to keep the impact on nature as low as possible. The stop was to be built with a flexible construction that would allow the stop to be moved to other locations in the future if necessary.

Tripartite national mobility network

In order to be able to offer public mobility as a convenient and safe alternative to motorised private transport and to better open up rural areas in particular with public mobility services, an inexpensive nationwide ticket alone is not enough. For the necessary mobility offensive, the Ministry of Economic Affairs has developed concepts for the creation of a tripartite state mobility network, the implementation of which is being prepared and gradually launched this year.

Pillar 1 of the state mobility network is the expansion of the performance and infrastructure of local rail passenger transport for a high-quality interregional transport offer.

Pillar 2 of the state mobility network comprises the state-wide clockface bus system with high-quality clockface services in the area. Complementary to the SPNV network and with the same frequency, i.e. hourly to two-hourly on weekdays and every second hour on Sundays, the gaps between the centres of the state are to be closed by a superordinate bus line network.

As Pillar 3 of the state mobility network, the concept of a state-wide uniform call-bus system for the development of the last mile has been developed.


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