Health resort Plau am See

The charming little town - the climatic health resort of Plau am See - with its picturesque old town is located directly on the western shore of Germany's seventh largest lake - Lake Plau and the Müritz-Elde waterway and is the western gateway to the Müritz region and the Mecklenburg Lake District.

Tourist Info Plau am See

House of the guest
Burgplatz 2
19395 Plau am See
038735 45678

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Timetables for the 2024 season

VMV Suedbahn Saisonverkehr Liniensignet-2-RB15

Waren (Müritz) - island town of Malchow - Karow (Meckl) - Plau am See 

VMV Suedbahn Saisonverkehr Liniensignet-3-RB19

Parchim - Lübz - Karow (Meckl) - Plau am See 

VMV Suedbahn Saisonverkehr Liniensignet-4-77

Parchim - Lübz - Plau am See - Karow - Malchow (regular bus service)

VMV Suedbahn Saisonverkehr Liniensignet-RB74

(Pritzwalk -) Meyenburg (Brandenburg) - Plau am See (only 09 May - 08 September)

Hop on in Malchow, Alt Schwerin and Plau am See and explore the surrounding area along 21 stops.