Starting signal for the D-Ticket seniors from MV

Schwerin 01.08.2023, As of today, senior citizens aged 65 and over with their main residence in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern can enjoy their new freedom of movement for 29 euros a month and travel throughout Germany on all local trains, trams, underground trains, suburban trains, city and regional buses. Around 19,000 Deutschland-Tickets for senior citizens from Mecklenburg-Vorpommern have already been sold by the state's transport companies. Together with the state's transport companies, the Verkehrsverbund Warnow (VVW) from Rostock is in charge of organising the distribution of the new offer.

The new Deutschland-Ticket for senior citizens from MV is available as a chip card or mobile phone ticket on a subscription basis and can be cancelled monthly. Please note that you must cancel your ticket before the first day of validity (first of the month). by the 15th of the previous month need to order, as all required proofs must be carefully checked beforehand. Please take this into account in your planning and order your ticket in good time.

You can get the Deutschland-Ticket for senior citizens from MV from these transport companies:

A detailed overview with the telephone numbers and opening hours of the transport companies in the country can be obtained from here.


Faster and more convenient to the ferries to Scandinavia

Press release from the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Labour, Infrastructure and Tourismaus Meyer: Seasonal services to Sassnitz ferry port have established themselves with holidaymakers - additional trips for the 2024 summer holidays