FAQ's on the 9 Euro Ticket in M-V

The VMV-Verkehrsgesellschaft Mecklenburg-Vorpommern welcomes - without prejudice to questions that still need to be clarified - the introduction of the 9-Euro-Ticket to strengthen local public transport in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. Use the ticket: be it for your journey to work, be it for your leisure time, be it for recreation in our beautiful federal state. Be climate-friendly on the road and relax on wonderful tourist routes with its special transport offers across the state. The Südbahn, for example, also resumes traffic and invites you to explore the state: from Parchim to Waren (Müritz): pure relaxation with the 9-euro ticket!

What is the 9-Euro-Ticket?

As part of the 2nd relief package for increased energy costs, the federal government has decided on a Germany-wide 9-Euro monthly ticket for the entire public transport system for a period of three months. The 9-Euro-Ticket is a special promotion and is financed by the federal government. The federal states and municipal authorities, the transport associations and the transport companies are jointly responsible for the implementation of this mobility offer. The ticket is valid from 01 June 2022.

The most important key data of the 9-Euro-Ticket: 

Scope: throughout Germany on all local and regional services, 2nd class, but generally not on long-distance services (ICE, IC, EC, FlixTrain, FlixBus). Transfer to 1st class is excluded.

In Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, the ticket is valid on all public transport companies. This includes the Südbahn seasonal service, the Rasender Roland and Molli narrow-gauge railways. The ticket is also valid on the Warnow ferries Warnemünde - Hohe Düne and Gehlsdorf - Kabutzenhof. The ticket is not valid on the other ferry lines in the country.

Period: from 1 to 30 June, from 1 to 31 July and from 1 to 31 August 2022

The ticket is only valid for the current calendar month and is not fluid. This means, for example, that tickets purchased on 29 June are only valid until 30 June and a new ticket must be purchased for July.

Price: 9 euros each per month and person

Where can I get the ticket?

You can obtain the 9-Euro-Ticket at staffed sales points of the transport companies, in customer centres, at agencies of the transport companies, at ticket vending machines, as a mobile phone ticket, and in individual cases also from the bus staff. Tickets can also be purchased on the train if there is no ticket vending machine or no staffed sales point open at the boarding station. The sales options may vary between the individual transport companies. Please enquire with your transport company if necessary.

For Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania the following overview results (as of 09.06. - without guarantee):

Anklamer Verkehrsgesellschaft: on the bus, operating locations

DB Regio AG: on the train, DB Navigator, ticket machines, travel centres

Hanseatic Railway: on the train (except RE27)

Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Transport Company (MVVG): on the bus, customer centre

Close bus: on the bus, customer centre

Nahverkehr Schwerin GmbH: Sale from 01.06. at the vending machines, in the NVS app, at the points of sale.

Neubrandenburger Verkehrsbetriebe: on the bus, customer centre, agencies, mobility centre, HandyTicket Germany

East German Railway: on the train, "Die Länderbahn" online shop

Usedom Bäderbahn (bus): on the bus, on the train, in UBB travel centres

Greifswald transport company: on the bus, customer centre

Ludwigslust-Parchim transport company: on the bus, HandyTicket Germany

Transport company Vorpommern-Greifswald: on the bus

Transport company Vorpommern Rügen: on the bus, sales outlets and online shop

Verkehrsverbund Warnow: Vending machines, VVW app, customer centre and points of sale

Mecklenburg Bäderbahn Molli: on the train, points of sale and partner agencies

Rebus: on the bus, customer centres

RSAG: at all points of sale, incl. customer centres, vending machines and third-party agencies

White Fleet: Vending machines (at the ferry pier)

Rügen Bäderbahn: on the train, ticket office

Central online distribution: www.besserweiter.de

What do existing customers and subscribers need to know?

Existing public transport customers (such as season ticket holders, annual season ticket holders, semester ticket holders) will receive a settlement. Your transport company will contact you about this.

Customers of the AzubiTicket MV will be contacted by DB AG and will automatically receive a credit note (annual payers) or only €9 will be debited during the period (monthly payers).

Customers with a semester ticket can use it from June to August as a 9-euro ticket. The reimbursement or settlement is regulated between the universities or the student councils and the transport companies.

Will there be additional trips?

The 9-Euro-Ticket is strongly accepted nationwide and leads to fuller buses and trains. Especially in the arrival and departure traffic to tourist centres and to the Baltic Sea, bottlenecks can therefore occur, to which the transport companies can only react within the limits of available capacities. The proverbial "Hitch up more trolleys" is not possible, as vehicles and staff are only available to a limited extent, especially during the campaign period.

The same applies to local rail passenger transport. The state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania will nevertheless at first on the weekends provide some additional services in local rail passenger transport to alleviate expected peaks. In detail, these are (as of 15.06.):

  • RE3 Stralsund/Greifswald - Pasewalk - Berlin
    • a train pair Berlin - Stralsund - Berlin as an extension of the excursion train Berlin - Prenzlau - Berlin, Saturdays and Sundays
    • Two train pairs Stralsund - Angermünde - Stralsund/Greifswald with connection in Angermünde to RE3 from/to Berlin (these additional trains are run as an extension from RE7 Stralsund - Greifswald, which also results in adjustments to the service of RE7 Stralsund - Greifswald due to construction-related single-track operation Greifswald - Miltzow), Saturdays and Sundays
    • from 12.06. an additional train pair on Saturdays and Sundays between Berlin Südkreuz / Berlin Gesundbrunnen and Stralsund with vehicles of line RE2 (not on 16.07., 20.08. and 21.08.)
  • RE5 Rostock / Stralsund - Neustrelitz - Berlin

Attention: Due to construction works between Berlin and Oranienburg, no through train service between Berlin and Rostock is possible on 18 and 19 June 2022. The relief trains will also not be offered on these days. Please postpone your journey to another date.

    • a train pair Berlin - Rostock - Berlin as an extension of the VBB excursion train Berlin - Neustrelitz - Berlin, Saturdays and Sundays
    • two train pairs Rostock - Neustrelitz - Rostock with connection in Neustrelitz to RE5 from/to Berlin (not on the weekend 13/14.08.2022), Saturdays and Sundays
  • RB16 Neustrelitz - Mirow, use of a larger vehicle
  • RB23 Züssow - Swinemünde, use of additional and larger vehicles
  • RB25 Velgast - Barth, selective use of an additional vehicle
  • RB31 Bad-Doberan - Ostseebad Kühlungsborn ("Molli"), use of additional vehicles

Attention: Due to maintenance work on the passenger carriages of the "Molli" that cannot be postponed, only shortened trains will be used temporarily from 14 June 2022. 

  • RB32 Lauterbach Mole - Putbus - Gören ("Rasender Roland"), use of additional vehicles

The VMV continues to check whether service increases/changes can be realised.

What additional services are there at the stations in the country?

With the introduction of the €9 ticket, the state (VMV) and DB Station&Service AG have taken the measures mentioned below to cope with the increased passenger volume:

- Deployment of passenger guides at the stations Bad Kleinen, Neustrelitz Hbf, Rostock Hbf, Schwerin Hbf, Warnemünde, Wismar and Züssow
- Increase of cleaning intervals at the stations Neustrelitz Hbf, Rostock Hbf, Schwerin Hbf, Schwerin Süd, Stralsund Hbf, Waren, Warnemünde, Wismar and Züssow
- Voluntary deployment of staff from the Eastern Regional Area to support colleagues in station management
- Strengthening the emergency management staff
- Reinforcement of the security service in Stralsund main station every Friday to Sunday (for the late shift)

What to keep in mind for occasional customers - use it cleverly!

The 9-Euro-Ticket is personal! Every person from the age of six (younger children travel free of charge) purchases the ticket in their own name and for the respective month. It is therefore only valid for the person for whom it is issued. Children under the age of six, a pram and one piece of luggage can be taken free of charge. Dogs and bicycles cannot be taken free of charge with the 9-Euro-Ticket. It is not possible to transfer to 1st class with the 9-Euro-Ticket.

The 9-Euro-Ticket applies in M-V in regional trains, suburban trains and underground trains, trams, buses and partly ferries (see above).

The 9-Euro-Ticket Does not apply in M-V on long-distance services (ICE, IC, EC, FlixTrain and FlixBus). Transfer to 1st class is excluded.

The 9-Euro-Ticket does not apply for bringing dogs or bicycles.

Special services and alternative forms of service or on-demand services may be excluded. Please contact your local transport company for more information.

A purchased ticket is also not automatically converted into a subscription, there are no subsequent costs as a result.

It should also be noted that seat reservations are not possible on local transport.

Where can I get information?

For timetable information, we recommend the state-wide timetable information service "MV fährt gut". www.fahrplanauskunft-mv.dewhich is also available as an app.

For more information about the 9-Euro-Ticket, please visit the website www.besserweiter.de.


FAQ's on the 9 Euro Ticket in M-V

The VMV-Verkehrsgesellschaft Mecklenburg-Vorpommern welcomes - without prejudice to questions that still need to be clarified - the introduction of the 9-Euro-Ticket to strengthen local public transport in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. Use the

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