Promoting cooperation

Offering more together

"We want to attract more passengers to local rail transport." That is the stated goal of VMV.

Together we are strong. This also applies to all companies involved in local public transport. In 2002, the VMV took over the task of promoting cooperation between individual providers from the Ministry of Economics. The cooperation of railways, buses and trams in the system network leads to the provision of a passenger-friendly service.

For transport companies, districts and municipalities, the start of a cooperation is associated with effort:

  • Transport assessments need to be carried out and community timetables developed;
  • Expenditure on marketing and IT is necessary;
  • losses may occur due to tariffs.

In order to compensate for financial shortfalls, the VMV provides funding. The aim of this funding is to provide a low-priced and customer-oriented fare offer that increases the attractiveness of SPNV and ÖPNV in equal measure.

The decision-making basis for funding by the VMV is the "Guideline on the granting of subsidies for transport cooperation in local public transport (ÖPNV) in the state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania". (VKoopRL).