Framework agreement between MV and DB AG: Joint planning group for infrastructure projects

Press release of the Ministry of Economy, Infrastructure, Tourism and Labour

Schwerin, 31 January 2024 Mecklenburg-Vorpommern's Minister of Economics and Transport, Reinhard Meyer, today signed a framework agreement with the Chairman of the Executive Board of Deutsche Bahn AG, Dr Richard Lutz. The core of the agreement under the name MV-i+ is the establishment of a joint planning group for rail transport infrastructure projects in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern as part of the state's ongoing mobility offensive. "The state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and Deutsche Bahn AG are united by the goal of improving the rail infrastructure in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. The aim is to improve the region's accessibility. In order to be able to shift additional transport to the environmentally friendly railway and thus serve climate protection, investments in the federally owned railway infrastructure are essential. Due to the long planning lead times in Germany, we already see the need to initiate planning now. The state is prepared to provide the necessary funding for this within the framework of the budgetary conditions," said Reinhard Meyer, Minister for Economic Affairs, Infrastructure, Tourism and Labour.

Part of the framework agreement is the establishment of a steering committee, which is to meet twice a year and decide on projects, among other things. The steering committee is to be chaired by the Minister of Economic Affairs, with the Mecklenburg-Vorpommern transport company acting as the office. It is envisaged that the framework agreement will include financing agreements for the planning group's resources as well as individual agreements for each project. An annual sum of 1.25 million euros from regionalisation funds is earmarked for staffing the planning group for a period of five years.

The framework agreement includes planning services for the following rail transport projects in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern:

  • Extension of the Rostock - Stralsund line: section-by-section double-track extension in line with the expansion targets of the German Unity Transport Project No. 1
  • Neubrandenburg Cross:
  • (possibly in sections) double-track expansion in the section (Bützow -) Güstrow - Lalendorf - Neubrandenburg, increase vmax to at least 120 km/h,
  • Additional platform track Güstrow;
  • (possibly in sections) double-track expansion in the Pasewalk - Grambow (Gr.) section, increase vmax to min. 120 km/h; acceleration Neustrelitz - Neubrandenburg, increase vmax to min. 120 km/h; acceleration Neubrandenburg - Stralsund, increase vmax to min. 120 km/h;
  • Neustrelitz junction: Construction of an additional platform edge connected on both sides at Neustrelitz station, including a parallel exit to Rostock and Stralsund;
  • Primerburg area: quality assurance measures for line S3
  • Existing network Usedom UBB
  • Westmecklenburg network: Expansion of Gadebusch station to a junction station with platform edges 


  • Partial or full electrification Rehna - Schwerin - Parchim - Ludwigslust; electrification Stralsund main station, track 12
  • Electrification Rövershagen - Graal-Müritz.