Special trips on the occasion of the Fusion Festival for the departure days 02 July and 03 July 2023

From 28 June to 3 July, the former military airfield in Lärz will once again be transformed into a carnival of the senses with music, theatre and circus artistry. The festival has a capacity of about 65,000 spectators. Since last year, the VMV has been working with DB Regio AG, VBB and the organisers of Kultur Kosmos to find solutions for the departure. This year, additional resources were created and special trains were ordered. This year's expansion of services is a reaction to last year's experiences.

On the route between Neustrelitz and Berlin, three special journeys are planned on the departure days 02 July and 03 July 2023 in the period from approx. 12-22 hrs. In addition, a late connection from Neustrelitz to Berlin will be extended. A shuttle service from Neustrelitz has been arranged by the organisers.

We wish all festival guests a carefree weekend and a safe return journey by train.


Workshop on the VMV public transport umbrella brand for MV

Neubrandenburg, 09.11.2023 VMV-Verkehrsgesellschaft Mecklenburg-Vorpommern has invited the state's transport companies, interest groups, districts and independent cities to the first workshop on the establishment of a public transport umbrella brand for

Here you will find:

Draft timetable 2024

The draft timetables for the annual timetable 2024 are available for you to view here following the timetable conference on 01.03.2023. Please note that the draft timetables are not regularly updated.